Six Essential Tips to Make your Roof Last Longer

We all know how important the health of our roof is to the property’s longevity, its occupants and; lets face it; our bank balance. However quite often it can be over looked until a problem arises and forces us to take action.

Knowing how to take care and maintain your roof can be part of the problem. So below we have listed; Six essential tips to make your roof last longer:

1. Use good materials:

The importance of choosing the right material for your roof cannot be understated. Local factors must be considered such as humidity, direct sunlight, surrounding trees, temperature extremes and so on. Having a clear area around your roof is ideal for most people’s situations.

Remember though, if you are in an extremely warm climate a little shade could go a long way to making your roof last longer. Make sure you speak to your roofing specialist to find out what material and design you should be using. If you have any doubt then get a second opinion.

The right roof should really outlive you!

2. Be Proactive instead of Reactive:

The most costly repair is an emergency repair. Don’t wait for the tell-tale sign of half a foot of water coming into your premises. Get up there and inspect your roof on a regular basis. Every six month is a good place to start.

Keep an eye out for any signs of rust, any holes or cracks and any part where your roof seems out of shape. Finding a necessary roof repair before it becomes a reason to shut down production could save your business a great deal of money.

3. Clear Debris:

The most common cause of leaks is corrosion. The process of metal gradually being destroyed by chemical reactions with the surrounding environment. Corrosion generally occurs when moisture has been trapped by leaves, branches or plastic bags.

When you inspect your roof make sure you take a large garbage bag to pick up any debris you run into. If there is one particular part of your roof that seems to be collecting large amounts of debris then have a look at the surrounding area to see if you may be able to trim or remove a tree that is causing the issue. If there is a large storm then make sure you get back on your roof within a couple of days to check for any large debris or damage.

4. Clean your Gutters:

The build-up of plant matter in your gutters is something that we all have to deal with. Whether in a commercial or residential environment having full gutters can result in both water and fire damage. If you do not clean out your gutters regularly you run the risk of water getting into sealants or breaching the membranes in the joints of your roof.

We recommend this is done as part of your 6 month roofing inspection but also pay particular attention in autumn and after any bad weather.

5. Minimise Foot Traffic:

Whilst you may be able to walk on your roof we do not encourage making it a regular occurrence. Now that we have mitigated the chances of corrosion we want to also avoid erosion. Workers hopping up the ladder for a quick smoke at the same time every day can quickly lead to weakened or damaged parts of your roof.

6. Call in the Experts:

If you find damage, a leak or a weakened part of your roof then do not delay – call in some experts to repair the issue before it escalates into a problem that effects your productivity.

RO Steel specialise in strong durable roofs that require as little maintenance as possible. If it is time to replace your roof then give us a call on (02) 9660 5937 or shoot us an enquiry via our contact page.