Asbestos Survey, Identification & Inspection

At R.O. Steel Roofing we specialise in providing large industrial/commercial properties with professional and affordable asbestos survey and inspections. Depending on your situation we can tailor a management plan to suit your needs and budget. All asbestos detection and survey is undertaken by fully qualified professionals.

It is required by law that commercial properties built before 31/12/2003 compile and maintain an asbestos management plan. This plan should outline the location and state of all asbestos containing materials on site. This plan should also include a strategy for the minimisation/management of exposure and eventual removal of all asbestos from the site.

  • •  Asbestos identification and documentation
  • •  Development of an asbestos management plan
  • •  Quote for removal and replacement of asbestos if necessary
  • •  All works carried out by licensed professionals

Asbestos identification and documentation

We can perform a full asbestos audit on your property and catalogue the location, stability/friabilty and the probability of exposure of all asbestos containing material on your site.

Development of an asbestos management plan

Based on the information we gather from the survey of your site, we can develop and help implement an asbestos management plan. This will both promote a safe working environment for all staff/contractors and ensure that you comply with current regulations regarding workplaces containing asbestos.

Quote for removal and replacement of Asbestos if necessary

Depending on the state and location of asbestos on your site you may have to or may choose to remove all or part of the hazardous materials. At your request R.O. Steel Roofing can prepare a detailed itemised quote for the removal, disposal of asbestos and replacement with a suitable material, all free of charge.

All works carried out by licensed professionals

All works carried out by R.O. Steel Roofing are done so by fully qualified and licensed professionals with years of experience in the industry.

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