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To Whom It May Concern

We have known Russell Steel and worked with R.O. Steel Roofing for the last seven years. The major works they have completed for us includes roofs on new structures, old steel roof and asbestos cement roof replacements totalling approximately 60,000 square metres on the 20 hectare South Sydney Industrial Park. Just over half of this area was replaced because of damage caused by the severe hailstorm that occurred in April 2001.

The challenges confronted in this type of inner city work include difficulties with access, roofs that are riddled with existing penetrations and covered with plant and machinery, businesses that operate around the clock on time critical programs (e.g. magazine printing), and millions of dollars worth of machinery and product that cannot get wet under any circumstances.

I am pleased to say that R. O. Steel Roofing rose to these challenges and completed the projects in a thoroughly professional manner.

They have recently completed an 11,000 square metre asbestos cement roof and wall sheet replacement for us at Farrow Road, Campbelltown. Working to a tight programme with a deadline set by a demanding, incoming tenant, this job was also carried out in a diligent and workman like manner.

I am always impressed by Russell’s enthusiasm for his work which he imparts to his tradesmen. This translates into their attention to detail and obvious pride in the quality of their work. In the performance of his contracts with us, Russell has shown himself to be an efficient and reliable subcontractor, who has acted with integrity In all of his dealings with us.

We will continue to use R. O. Steel Roofing for our metal roof and wall cladding and roof plumbing needs. We commend them to you.

Yours faithfully

M. T. Gooden
Managing Director

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