Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos roof replacement is a highly skilled task that is also strictly regulated by governing bodies nationwide. At R.O. Steel Roofing we specialise in quick turnaround with minimal to no impact asbestos re-roofing on large scale (commercial or industrial) projects. We pride ourselves on being able to take on the larger jobs that other companies simply couldn’t do and quickly and efficiently complete them, all whilst maintaining the highest levels of service and standards.

When replacing an asbestos roof it is important to realise that what is being removed is an extremely hazardous material. If care is not taken in regards to removal and disposal, your property could very easily become a contaminated site, resulting in a greater loss of time and money than was initially budgeted for. At R.O. Steel Roofing we offer start to finish management of the removal of asbestos roofing and replacement with more suited, safer and stronger building materials. We will:

  • •  Identify asbestos roofing and cladding
  • •  Provide a quote as to the full costs of removal of asbestos and installation of a new roof
  • •  Remove all hazardous materials safely and promptly
  • •  Re-roof existing structure
  • •  Certify hazardous material removal

Identify asbestos roofing and cladding

Full survey conducted by certified professionals to identify asbestos roofs and cladding for replacement.

Provide a quote as to the full costs of removal of asbestos and installation of a new roof

No hidden extras or surprises. An itemised quote outlining costs from start to finish to have your asbestos roof removed and replaced.

Remove all hazardous materials safely and promptly

All asbestos roofing and wall cladding sheets will be disposed of quickly and according to government regulations all whilst maintaining the strictest standards of safety.

Re-roof existing structure

Where possible we aim to re-roof your building as quickly as possible, usually within the same working day or in sections, to help prevent weather damage or loss of income.

Certify hazardous material removal

Once all work is completed we will certify that there is no longer any danger posed and that normal operations can be resumed.