Asbestos Roof Removal, Disposal & Replacement

R.O. Steel Roofing is one of Sydney’s leading and most experienced asbestos roof removal and re-roofing companies with over 35 years’ experience in the business. We primarily offer our services to industrial, commercial, strata and other larger projects where fast, efficient and safe service is paramount to allow a quick return to normal business operations or in most cases no impact on normal operations whatsoever.

Asbestos roof removal poses a serious health risk and is highly regulated because of this. R.O. Steel Roofing is licensed by WorkCover to perform these tasks and endeavors to help with every step of the process of removing and disposing of an asbestos roof by offering these services.

  • •  Asbestos identification
  • •  Asbestos removal project management plan
  • •  Asbestos removal by highly qualified and fully trained professionals
  • •  Disposal of asbestos in accordance with regulations
  • •  All work carried out by licensed professionals

Asbestos identification

Using only qualified asbestos surveyors we will inspect your property and identify all Asbestos containing material.

Asbestos removal project management plan

After identifying all asbestos containing material we develop an asbestos removal project management plan to ensure that we both remove your asbestos roof and other material as efficiently as possible whilst minimising any risk that may result from disturbing and temporarily storing asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos removal by highly qualified and fully trained professionals

All our staff have been accredited to meet national regulations for asbestos roofing removal so you can have some peace of mind knowing that all precautions are being taken to minimise any risk to your health and safety.

Disposal of asbestos in accordance with regulations

All hazardous materials are disposed of promptly with accordance to legislation guidelines and standards. Inspections are performed to certify the complete removal of all hazardous material from the site.