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We have been in the Roof Construction Business for over 35 years

During this time R.O. Steel Roofing expertise in roof construction has evolved into excellence as we consistently strive to exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. Our vast experience with steel roofing solutions enable us to cater to a very wide market. There is sure to be a steel roof construction service you need that R.O. Steel Roofing can provide.

Regardless of the scale and nature of your roofing project, we provide an unparalleled quality service. Whether it’s a new building or a new roof for your existing factory, home or office it will look much better with a Colorbond steel roof and R.O. Steel Roofing has got you covered with its premium roof construction service.

The materials, techniques and talent required for roof construction will vary from one project to another. R.O. Steel Roofing has the necessary expertise and resources to cater to all kinds of steel roofing projects. Through our excellent roof construction, we provide the means to protect your home and business.

Our roof construction service serves a multitude of purposes and we will recommend a roofing solution that is most suitable for you. Our intelligent and quality roof construction process insures that we ‘cover’ you with the best.

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