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Metal roof repairs, tile roof repairs or other types of roofing repairs are often need as a result of direct or indirect damage to your roof or for general maintenance purposes. R.O. Steel Roofing are experts in metal roof repairs and are the number one choice for all of your commercial, industrial and residential property roof repair needs. We specialise in metal and tile roof repairs in and around the Sydney area and have been successfully completing roof repair for our for over 35 years.

The Causes of Damage to Roofs

Any roof can become defective and in need of either minor or major repair due to a number of factors both direct or indirect. These factors can include such things as harsh weather elements like pollution, dust, fumes, heat, hail and black mould. All of which over many years can take a heavy toll on the roof, leaving it damaged, looking dirty, pitted and weary and in great need of cosmetic and remedial roofing repairs.

Titles that have been broken, damaged or chipped could casue the roof to leak and becoming a safety concern or damage the buildings contents. As will gutters and drainpipes that have become blocked by a build up of leaves or rubbish due to a lack of regular maintenance.

Another factor which can lead to leaking roofs is unfortunate reality that the roof was originally installed by an inexperienced roofing company, who did not possess the tools and knowledge to install the roof properly.

The benefits of repairing your roof

Roof Repairs Sydney Service

Repairing your roof and carrying out regular maintenance is an excellent option if you are looking to prolonging the life of your roof and could save you the cost of replacing your roof at a later date.

By having your tiled or metal roof inspected and repaired correctly by a professional roofing company like R.O. Steel the first time, will allow you to save money, avoid leaks and possible serious damage to the roof and the buildings contents and identify future hazards that may not have otherwise been found.

The Roof Repair Sydney Experts

R.O. Steel Roofing specialises in roof repairs Sydney. We repair all tiled and metal roofs for commercial, industrial and residential properties. We will repair or replace all broken and chipped tiles, replace rusty and punctured metal and colorbond sheeting and any other issues that we discover which need to be fixed.

Our qualified tradesmen also specialise in the replacement or repairing of flashings including barge, ridge and hip cappings where necessary. We repair or replace damaged, rusty downpipes and guttering where they have become ineffective and in need of changing.

Is your Commercial Roof in need of Repair?

If you are the owner or manager of a large Commercial building and the roof is in need of restoration, R.O. Steel can help. As you might now know, we specialise in the construction, replacement and repair of large commercial roofs. Find out more about our Commercial Roofing Restoration Service today and let our professional tradesmen look after it for you.

Our Roof Repairs Process

  1. First, we thoroughly inspect and assess your roof and see what roof repairs need to be carried out.
  2. Once we have diagnosed the problem area we will discuss our recommendations with you and advise you on your options to help you better work out which one is the most suitable option for your roof. We will advise you on a straightforward and cost effective solution to your tile roof, metal roof, downpipes, gutters, rainwater heads, skylights and any other general roof repairs that you might be concerned with. These solutions can be provide you to you in a written and detailed report.
  3. Once both parties are happy with the agreed upon solution, R.O. Steel will carry out the repairs and maintenance to the roof in accordance with the time and budget permitted.
  4. With the roof repairs now completed, R.O. Steel Roofing will remove any rubbish from the site leaving you the knowledge that all your roofing concerns have been taken care of.

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With over 35 years experience in roofing repairs Sydney, R.O. Steel Roofing can repair your commercial, industrial or residential roof.

We have qualified and highly trained tradesmen to carry out and complete every detail and aspect of you roof repairs Sydney which means you can rest assured that your tile or metal roof will be assessed and repaired in no time at all. We have the expertise and knowledge to repair your roof at an affordable price.

For a free no obligation roofing repair quote in Sydney please contact us today on 02 9660 5937 and speak with our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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