R.O. Steel Mission Statement


RO Steel Roofing is a roofing company that delivers high-quality work and outstanding customer service.
A company that people want to work for, work with and invest in.
We always act consistently, honestly and trustworthy in all activities.


Dedication in Quality: Exceeds the customers’ expectations.
Safety: A safe working environment. We care for others. We always think and act safely.
Quality Economy: Quality does not cost money, but lack of quality cost a fortune.
Integrity: Honest and trustworthy in all activities. We commit to systems which are secure, reliable and accurate.
Customer focus: Dedicated to support our clients. We provide services that are of high quality, responsive and customer focused.
Continuous Improvement: We always look for answers. We are innovative and we believe strongly in both company and personal development. We are going backwards if we are not improving continuously.
Environmentally Responsible: Help the environment with good business practices. Metal is recycled and Asbestos is handled and disposed of in accordance with current regulations.


Our mission is to be an innovative, successful Metal Roofing and Asbestos Removal company with the respect and trust of our clients and the community.
We are committed to providing total satisfaction to our clients, delivering projects safely, on time and within budget while respecting the environment in which we work.
We are committed to and thrive on providing solutions to your roofing needs.
We are committed to achieving our clients’ objectives through the completion of contracts to high standards of quality in a safe, timely and environmentally sound manner.
Working with and for R O Steel roofing is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our employees know that the pride they take in their work and the extra mile that they go will be acknowledged, encouraged and rewarded.
R O Steel Roofing inspires confidence with the people we deal with. Our clients are confident that their projects will be done properly and on time and they know that they have made the right choice in choosing us.