Inten has had an association and sub-contracted Russell Steel of RO Steel Roofing Pty Ltd on a number of our construction projects, including those undertaken for Woolworth.

Our recent project that they completed was for a re-roof metal roofing project at Woolworths at Marrickville. The project required a lot of forward planning, was completed within the time and budget. The quality of the workmanship was first class and the work was carried out in professional, efficient and diligent manner.

Based upon my experience, Russell Steel and his employees are honest and reliable with an extensive knowledge of all aspects relating to Metal Roofing and Roof Plumbing trade works. They take pride in the quality of their work and have a great attention to detail.

Based on the works that I have undertaken with Russell and RO Steel Roofing, I would not have any hesitation to recommending RO Steel Roofing as their work was of high quality and speaks for itself.

I will continue to use RO Steel Roofing Pty Ltd should the opportunity arise. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information on the projects that RO Steel Roofing has completed for me.

Thank You.

Yours Faithfully,
Luke Miller

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