Thermatech Colorbond Steel

Slip, slop slap comes the cry of concerned mothers protecting their children from the harsh Australian sun. We all know that nowadays we have one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world due to the extreme temperatures and UV levels experienced by any one venturing into the great outdoors. The fierce Australian Sun is not just affecting living things though. Our monuments, our cars and our buildings are all sitting outside, with no shade, no 30+ and no hope of reprieve from an increasingly warm climate. At RO Steel Roofing we see first-hand the damage and destruction that the sun causes on buildings all across NSW.

We see temperatures in our state as high as 49.8°C and in Sydney 37°C is not uncommon, so protecting yourself and your investments from the sun is a serious consideration. For those of you with large commercial spaces the first line of defence is you roof.

Selecting the correct material for your roof will not only minimise the risk of damage and leaks but will also cut down on energy bills that can cost your business dearly. I’m not sure I have met anyone who is happy with the increase in electricity prices so here is a good tip for you to reduce your bill.

The most expensive; electricity hungry; machines in our lives are those that cool and those that heat. If you have a large air conditioning system in your commercial property you are likely very familiar with the value of your ever fattening bill.

The latest and greatest in roofing technology is now at your disposal in the form of Colorbond Roofing. Colorbond has been tested in the harshest of climates all over the country for well over 40 years. It is one of the toughest building materials in existence and will truly stand the test of time.

With an engineered design and a baked on paint finish Colorbond steel is both durable and lightweight making it the ideal roofing material. Add to that the advanced Thermatech technology and you now have a roof that will reflect more of the sun’s energy than ever before.

Combined with good insulation Thermatech Colorbond Steel can reduce your cooling power bill by up to 20%. Imagine the savings over a whole year. Couple that with the reduced need for maintenance and you have a material that will save you time, money and energy.

Available in a wide range of 22 different colours Colorbond steel can also add an element of style to your building that it may currently lack. The option of buying the best solution in the world does not always come from an Australian manufacturer but Colorbond is made by Bluescope Steel and therefore your know your choice of roofing material is benefiting you, the Australian economy and even the Australian environment.