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Preparing your roof against bushfires

10 Point Checklist for Preparing your Roof Against Bushfires

No one wants to believe that their home could be at risk from a bushfire. Statistic do not lie; however. While it would be hoped that such fears would never be realized, it is important to make sure you are prepared, particularly with more hot and dry weather predicted. One of the most important steps

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The importance of your commercial roof

6 Things a Commercial Roof Needs to Effectively Support the Building

A commercial roof is far more than an attractive top to your businesses building. While many people believe that the most important responsibility of a roof is to keep out the elements, a roof actually provides far more benefits to the entire building. In order to avoid potential disaster in the future, it is important

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Make your roof last longer

Six Essential Tips to Make your Roof Last Longer

We all know how important the health of our roof is to the property’s longevity, its occupants and; lets face it; our bank balance. However quite often it can be over looked until a problem arises and forces us to take action. Knowing how to take care and maintain your roof can be part of

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