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Pointers for Ensuring that your Metal Roof is BCA Compliant

Pointers for Ensuring that your Metal Roof is BCA Compliant

Insulation acts as an effective barrier to heat-flow & is crucial for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in winter. A well-insulated & well-designed home provides comfort right through the year. It cuts heating and cooling bills by upto 50%. In turn, this reduces all types of greenhouse gas emissions. Climatic conditions

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Opt for a Steel Roof and minimise maintenance

Opt For a Steel Roof- Minimise Maintenance

Today, there are a number of roofing materials in the market but the popularity of metal roofing is ever-increasing. Metal roofs add character, beauty, and curb appeal to your home. Though it is commonly believed that metal roofing is expensive, the fact is that it outlasts all other roofing materials, which makes it highly cost-efficient and

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Modern-day roofing materials benefit from improvement in technology

Modern-Day Roofing Materials Benefit from Improvement in Technology

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the roofing industry- not just in the installation methods and technology that are used, but also in the types of materials that are now available for roofing. These roofs add to the energy-efficiency of structures, look good, are easy to install, can withstand the harsh

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Corrosion on metal roofing products

Does Being Close to the Ocean Affect Your Metal Roof?

Testing and experience in the roofing industry has shown that metal roofing products are very susceptible to sea water and if they are too close to the ocean – corrosion will occur. Though not all metal roofs will corrode at the same rate, over time, the salty sea air and the humidity will react on

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Main factors for roof replacement

The 3 Main Factors that Contribute to Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof can be a major expense to you and your business, but it is a reality that many property-owners throughout Australia face each year. Beyond simply replacing a roof for aesthetics, there are three primary factors that commonly contribute to the need for roof replacement. Damage to your Roof The most frequent reason

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Your roof can help the enviroment

How Your Roof Can Help the Environment

You might be surprised to find that your choice of roofing material can actually help the environment. Today, homeowners have far more options available when it comes to available roofing materials. One of those options is a metal roof. With a host of colour options available, a metal roof can easily match any home design.

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Save money by using rain water

How to Utilise the Water run-off from Your Roof

In Sydney at the moment we have been experience a deluge of wet weather including a hail storm just today. While water run-off from your roof is not typically good for human consumption, it can provide a multitude of other uses which we wanted to share with you here. Use it to Water your gardens:

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Copper Roofing is a great option for any roof

Copper Roofing and Its Benefits

When considering the installation of a new roof on your home or business, it is important to ensure you choose the most economical roof with the most benefits. A variety of different types of roofing options is available today. Metal roofs, including cooper roofs, have become increasingly popular among property-owners looking for an eco-friendly and

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Protect your roof from high winds

How to Protect your Roof in High Winds

High winds are a reality throughout many parts of Australia and frequently serve to fuel bushfires. In many instances, strong winds can strike quickly and without providing any warning. Along with tearing off shingles, high winds can also blow heavy debris onto your roof. In addition, severe winds can drive moisture under your roofing and

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Berem Industrial Roof

Do Metal Roofs Expand and Contract?

A number of myths often circulate about metal roofs. One of the most common questions that many people often have about metal roofs is whether or not they will expand and contract. It is true that metal roofs will expand and contract. This is because metal roofs tend to heat up when the sun rises

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