How to Utilise the Water run-off from Your Roof

In Sydney at the moment we have been experience a deluge of wet weather including a hail storm just today. While water run-off from your roof is not typically good for human consumption, it can provide a multitude of other uses which we wanted to share with you here.

Use it to Water your gardens:

Given the hot, dry conditions that often sweep throughout Australia, many communities often experience water shortages. By utilising the water run-off from your roof when it does rain, you can ensure that your gardens and lawn remain well watered even during times of strict watering bans.

Non-potable water can be used in a variety of different manners, including watering your yard, garden, and orchard. The use of water runoff from your roof also helps to eliminate the use of electricity and chemicals that would otherwise be required to produce food-grade water. The key lies in understanding how to properly utilise the water runoff from your roof.

Collect the water in rain water tanks:

Once you decide to use the water runoff from your roof, it is important to make certain that you have the right collection vessel. A rain barrel is ideal for this purpose. Typically comprised of either wood or heavy-duty plastic, a rain barrel can be used for catching and collecting rainwater until it is needed. Many rainwater barrels currently available on the market feature overflow ports that make it possible to release water in the event the barrel has too much water. Such barrels also often have spigots that make it possible to attach hoses for more convenient watering.

Keep the roof clean:

In order to make the most of the water runoff from your roof and into the water tanks, it is important to ensure that you keep your roof clear of debris and anything else that could contaminate your water. Many homeowners also find it beneficial to replace older asphalt roofs with a newer metal roof to help in ensuring that rainwater collected is clear of any contaminants from the roofing material.

It will help lower your bills:

Along with helping the environment, putting the water runoff from your roof to use is also a great way to lower your utility bills. Estimates indicate that outdoor lawn and garden watering comprise approximately 40 percent of household water use. Additionally, because the water runoff from your roof does not contain chlorine, minerals or other chemicals that could potentially interfere with the growth of your plants, rainwater serves as a healthy, viable method for watering your lawn and garden.

Use it as drinking water:

Water runoff from your roof can be used for drinking, but it is important to note that in order to do that, you will need to utilise a water filtration system. There are many different types of filtration systems on the market today at different price points.

Start putting measures in place

It is never to late to start to implement measures that will allow you to capture and use rain water and because your roof covers a large area you will be amazed at how much water you will be able to collect. By doing so, you will not only be helping your gardens and family but the environment as well.

It’s a win win!

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