Opt For a Steel Roof- Minimise Maintenance

Today, there are a number of roofing materials in the market but the popularity of metal roofing is ever-increasing. Metal roofs add character, beauty, and curb appeal to your home. Though it is commonly believed that metal roofing is expensive, the fact is that it outlasts all other roofing materials, which makes it highly cost-efficient and provides you with value for money in the long-term. Steel roof protects your home very effectively from the elements and that is an even bigger benefit.

The Strong Material

Take a look at what makes metal roofing low-maintenance:

  • One of the main characteristics of metal roofing is its durability. Certain type of metal roofs can also withstand wind-gusts of up to 140 mph.
  • It’s also important to note that it will not crack or break and all it needs is periodic inspection to ensure that all the seams are strong and that no corrosion has taken place.
  • Even if there is any kind of minor repairs or maintenance work to be carried out, it is very strong to walk on. This is not the case with tile/ shingle roofing, as these can break and even professional roofing contractors have to be very careful while repairing or maintaining them.
  • In case of a wildfire, metal roofing will not catch fire and neither will lightning affect it. It’s light weight and does not require any structural supports. As a matter of fact, some metal roofs can be retro-fitted to your existing one, without disrupting the structure in any way.

And when it comes to maintenance, in a way all these factors that have just been mentioned make metal the perfect roofing material. Since it is strong and does not break easily, you end up spending less time and energy on it. As long as it has a high-grade coating it will not corrode or deteriorate in any way and that brings down the maintenance costs as well. Since it is lightweight, the structure of the house is not affected and that has a positive impact on maintenance costs too.

Maintenance-Free Option

The simple fact is that high-quality metal roofing resists mildew, discoloration, decay and corrosion and in the long-term, it helps you keep a handle on maintenance costs too. Even cleaning the roof is a hassle-free job and you only have to hose it down with water once in a while to ensure that its colours and finish remain intact. In a way it is an almost maintenance-free roofing solution that looks good, provides energy efficiency, and is 100% recyclable, strong and long-lasting.

The Right Choice

You should opt for metal roofs that are made of aluminium, lead (atmospheric) or copper (in air & moisture), ter-coated stainless steel & stainless steel. All these materials are corrosion resistant materials and are a very low-maintenance option. The kind of metal roofing that is available today is very different from the type that used to be available even up until 5 years ago.

Current-day metal roofs are built to last for decades. Steel metal roofing has a protective layer that is made with aluminium & zinc. This is bonded onto the steel and painted over with a very high-quality paint which is specifically designed and to effectively withstand inclement weather and retain its looks and form over the years. These roofs do not get dented and can withstand high winds and hurricanes very effectively.

The Comparison Point

Compare this to other conventional materials such as shingles, asphalt and concrete:

  • Regular roofs will end up losing their plywood and shingles in a severe storm. Wood shingles also crack, dry out and curl over a relatively shorter span of time.
  • Asphalt roofs start deteriorating in harsh sunlight and that is not something which can be avoided in Australia.
  • Concrete tile roofs experienced problems with the freeze/thaw cycles

When you compare metal roofing to all of these, it become very clear that the latter is able to stay looking good and remain strong and sturdy for decades with the least amount of maintenance. So, even as they save you money, metal roofs save you worry and time too. Contact RO Steel Roofing on (02) 9660 5937 and find out more about which metal roofing solution will be best for your home.