Modern-Day Roofing Materials Benefit from Improvement in Technology

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the roofing industry- not just in the installation methods and technology that are used, but also in the types of materials that are now available for roofing. These roofs add to the energy-efficiency of structures, look good, are easy to install, can withstand the harsh weather conditions that most parts of Australia has and last for decades with very little maintenance.

The Breakthrough Roofing Materials

Let’s take a look at what these new and innovative materials are and how they have revolutionized the roofing domain:

Ultra-Seam Retrofit Roof

This in an ideal roofing solution. It is typically an engineered & framed system that effectively supports any kind of new sloped-roofing solutions. The fact that it is extremely lightweight makes it suitable for retro-fitting and the existing roof does not have to be ripped off to install this one. It is strong, durable, looks good, provides energy efficiency and is very low maintenance too.


Today, this is a household name in the country, with reference to roofing. When people hear the word Colorbond, people automatically think of roofing and it is now used as roofing material in a large percentage of Australian homes. This material is flexible and durable, looks elegant and sleek and is available in a range of colours. It also adds to the energy-efficiency of your home and provides effective insulation.

Integrated Solar Panel Roofing

Technological advances in the roofing industry have brought to market the latest solar technologies & environmentally-sustainable roofing solutions. Stratco Solatop® the Building Integrated Photovoltaic or BIPV panel is the country’s first fully-integrated building product. This enhances the look of your residence or commercial structure, is designed very sleekly and looks stylish too. The fact that it reduces power bills in the long run is a distinct benefit.

It protects your home from the elements and generates clean & usable energy into your home, right through the year. This may be used as a combination roofing solution along with a steel metal roof. This is a very unique product that provides homeowners with limitless roofing opportunities.

Synthetic Roof Slates

This is a slate-roofing alternative that is made from specialized recycled material. It is specifically designed & engineered to be used in place of natural slate. It looks like classic slate, but is lightweight and durable and installation is simple. What’s even more important is that it does not corrode, fade, crack or split and the roof stays looking good and structurally strong for decades. These slates can withstand the strongest of gale forces that the Australian climate is prone to deliver.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Many homes have outdoor living spaces that are an extension of their home. These areas can be effectively covered with a combination steel and polycarbonate roofing solution. The Laserite Brands are considered to be the best polycarbonate ones in the market today.

Tractile Interlocking Roof Systems

These effectively combine the use of brand-new & improved materials which have been made with the most advanced system technology which provides users with high-performance & cost effective roofing tile solutions.

The pace at which technology in this field is advancing, in near future, you might even see homes that have solar panel shingles. No, these are not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They are actually in a testing phase and a number of solar companies are conducting extensive research in this direction. Once these are launched in the market, these products can very easily be integrated into commercial and residential architecture.

Into The Future

As so, even as we race through the 21st century, the focus is on creating new and innovative products that will provide consumers with effective roofing solutions. It’s also important that these products be made with sustainable materials, be energy-efficient, 100% recyclable, durable and aesthetically appealing.

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