Maintaining a Shopping Centre Roof

Shopping Centres, especially large ones, can have some of the hardest working roofs of any other building type in the country. The reason for this is the amount of small shops or rooms that are contained under this one large roof. Each of these shops have there own needs; such as refrigeration, water and air-conditioning. On top of that there is also all of the ventilation, air-conditioning and satellite equipment that lives on the roof and funnels down to each of these stores.

Therefore it is imperative that the building manager does or hires a company to perform regular roof maintenance for the shopping centre to make sure that the roof stays in good condition and operates at its optimal functionality. This will in turn keep the shopping centre running efficiently and the shops within from being affected due to a faulty or leaking roof. A roof inspection should be done every six months to identify potential issues and fix them before it is to late.

Help Protect Your Shopping Centre Roof

Making sure that elements like insulation and ventilation are working correctly can protect your roof from warping and increasing your energy costs. If the shopping centre you are responsible for is quite old, an inspection for these areas could actually detect potential problems before they arise and save you money in the long run.

As with all roofs, no matter the type of building, keeping your gutters free from debris is important. Not only from a fire reduction standpoint but also to make sure water is able to flow down off the roof and into the proper drainage systems that the shopping centre has. Blocked drain pipes can cause water to pool on the roof which can and will over time damage that particular area.

It is paramount that you maintain your shopping centre roof. There are many reason for this which can include the affect a damaged roof can have on the operation and productivity of the shopping centre and shops within. Additionally, the life expectancy of a roof varies according to factors such as age, roof types and exposure to the elements. Therefore it is essential you maintain your roof as the cost of replacing a shopping centre roof will be very expensive due to the size of the roof, materials and engineering required.

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