Why Customer Service is So Important in the Roofing Industry

When customers are choosing a roofing contractor the 2 main components that they take into consideration are experience & customer service. Since roofing contractors may use similar roofing materials and installation techniques, the customer service they provide becomes one of the distinguishing factors that will help customers make their choice. As a matter of fact, there are times when a customer may prioritise this factor more than they prioritise experience.

Things that Matter

This customer service quotient kicks-in right from the moment a prospective customer first calls a company and it is at this point that the latter gets a chance to make its first impression. For instance, when a customer calls a roofing company with his/her requirement of a roof installation the aspects that they are going to be looking at are:

  • How friendly was the voice at the other end of the line?
  • How proactive was the person in his/her approach to the query?
  • Did they attend to the enquiry satisfactorily?
  • Did they promise to send out a salesperson to the customer’s location?
  • Did the salesperson show up at their doorstep at the designated time?
  • Was the person knowledgeable and willing to answer questions?
  • Were all the requirements understood and was a quote provided on time?

These are just some of the things that a customer will be looking at. Interestingly, very few of these things relate to technical competency and ability to handle the actual job. Most of them are related to how the company handles the query and understands the customer’s needs. This is exactly what customer service is all about.

When Impressions Matter

If the customer has a positive experience at the outset, they will be more open to considering getting that contractor on board to handle their roof installation project for them. Therefore, customer service becomes one of the mainstays of a roofing business. Just as it is important for a company to be on top of its game with its expertise in the field, it is very important that they provide excellent customer service too.

Important Aspects

The aim is to ensure that the entire experience is pleasant for the customer and that the latter is provided with 100% customer satisfaction. This includes aspects such as:

  • Promptness in response
  • Expertise and skill in working
  • A proactive approach to problem solving (there are times when sudden issues arise in the course of a roofing installation project. The manner in which they were handled matter a lot)
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Professionalism and courteous personnel on site
  • Accommodating contractor (when changes etc are required to original plans)
  • Keeping communication lines open
  • Accessibility

Getting all these things right is what excellent customer service is all about. It’s about going that extra mile and ensuring that you exceed customer expectations.

Other Things that Matter

What’s also important to understand is that customer service is something that carries through even after the project has been completed. In case any roofing repair, maintenance or insurance work arises, the roofing contractor should be willing to handle it as required and should also be proactive with working with the insurance company.

This saves the homeowner a lot of time and trouble. It is only when a company does an excellent job on all these fronts, that it is said to be at the top of the customer service ladder in its industry. Though most companies start out strong on this aspect (before the work has begun), their interest in keeping up the facade dies out once they have bagged the work. These are the unprofessional and mediocre companies that do not care about their customers and their needs.

When Credibility Matters

Contrastingly, the professional and credible roofing companies will ensure that the customer is always kept well-informed and involved in the entire process and support is provided at every level. It is these things that help a company build its reputation in the space. RO Steel Roofing has been providing consistently high-quality roofing services to residential and commercial customers across Sydney, for over 35 years.

We have built our reputation on the basis of the quality of the products and services we provide and our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction. For high-quality roofing services, call us on (02) 9660 5937

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