Tips for Dealing with an Industrial Architect

Industrial Architects specialize in the construction of structures that are required in various industries. If you are looking for an architect to handle your industrial building project, you will have to make your decision with care. All industry buildings have to be built based on specific concepts and based on sound architectural basics.

The important thing that you should be looking for in your industrial architect is the person’s ability to understand how the production process works. This has to be looked into in great detail and the building that is designed will have to be completely functional and suit this process.

Making the Right Choice

Industrial Architecture is essentially a mix of engineering & art and the architect you choose must have creativity and drawing skill. What’s even more important that the person or firm should have experience and technical knowledge. It’s important to understand that an architect is essentially a consultant and designs structures on paper. The actual structure will be built by a contractor and you will have to ensure that the industrial designer you hire will be able to work with the contractors you are choosing for the job.

In some cases, certain architecture firms offer complete services and they might also have contractors who can work on the project. So, this is one aspect you will have to take into account. As the client you will have to ask your prospective industrial architect a number of questions before you make your final decision about hiring him or the firm.

The Right Questions to Ask

#1 What is the process you use for staying within the budget?

Since there are a number of variables in the actual construction of the industrial building and the project is generally of a large scale, you will have to ensure that the architect is able to factor in all the evident as well as possible costs and give you a figure that fits into your budget

#2 Can you show me your portfolio?

Ensure that the architect has completed a number of projects that are actually comparable in terms of style, complexity and scale to your own plan

#3 Are you able to provide me with a few references?

When you contact the earlier clients of the architect, ask about how good the architect was with communicating all the details of the project, whether he stayed within the pre-decided budget, the timeframe and met the overall expectations

#4 What are the challenges that you anticipate?

Every architect is also required to be a planner. He/she will have to be able to anticipate complications and have the capacity, ability, experience and presence of mind to tackle those problems effectively.

#5 How realistic is the vision that I have proposed for the project?

If the architect is reliable and experienced, he/she will be more than willing to discuss all the limitations and strengths of the proposed projects.

#6 What is the project management style you follow?

Ask the industrial architect whether they will manage the complete project, right from designing, hiring the contractors, supervision, materials and permit acquisitions as well as reviewing & paying the contractor invoices.

#7 How are your charges structured?

It is very important for you to establish at the outset, how the payments will be made. A number of architects work on the basis of a significant deposit right at the start of the project and milestone payments will have to be made along the way. You will have to understand the exact commitment and the intervals at which the payment will be made. You will also have to establish right at the start how the payments are going to be handled in case any issues surface.

Be Prudent

In addition to all of this, understand the exact technical competence of the industrial architect and his/her style of working. This is something you will have to judge during the course of the meetings you have with the person. Some architects have signature style and do not deviate from them- so you will have to decide whether that is what you want. Do not be hasty in making your decision. Speak with your other peers and check if they are aware about the work of other architects and then make a smart decision.

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