The Roof Colour and Heat-Efficiency Connect

If you look at any town or city across Australia, you will find an expanse of dark or red roofs. The aesthetic is very familiar, but when it comes to the thermal efficiency of a home, it can actually be a major hindrance. We know for a fact that dark surfaces tend to absorb much more heat than lighter-coloured ones.

The Cool Roof

With logic in view, it goes without saying that light-coloured roofing can have a positive impact on the indoor temperature in any residential or commercial space. A cool roof strongly reflects the sunlight. In addition, it also cools itself by very efficiently emitting radiation to the surroundings. This kind of a roof literally stays much cooler & reduces the total amount of heat that gets conducted into the building below.

About Indoor Spaces

If a particular building is not air conditioned, this kind of a roof will keep the space cooler and at a more stable temperature. In case the building is air conditioned, the equipment will not get stressed. But cool roofs do not always have to be white. They could be of a slightly darker shade but which are highly-reflective in the almost infrared or non-visible section in the solar spectrum.

A Lot More Than Colour

Since a white roof effectively reflects visible & infrared sunlight, it will definitely be cooler than any darker coloured roof. But when we talk about coloured roofs and the impact on heat-efficiency, we cannot talk about this in isolation. In addition to the colour factor, aspects like thermal remittance and solar reflectance are also determining factors in the “coolness” of a roof.

There was a time when it was commonly believed that metal roofing attracts more heat. But coloured roof coating and the latest technology has changed all that. Current day roofing products can be shaped in different ways. They can be manufactured to look like shakes or shingles or even fit unique curved roof structures and they are also available in the standard standing-seam function.

The Colour Factor

As far as colours are concerned, they are available in a range of colours and textures. If you like darker colours, you will be happy to know that there are some “cool” options available in them too. What makes them cool are the special additives which permit them to reflect light and heat effectively. But of course, colour is not the only thing that matters when it comes to energy-efficiency. The design of the house itself, the kind of insulation it has, as well as the amount of glass it has on exterior walls will matter in this aspect as well.

Energy Efficiency

But if you are aiming to make your home more energy-efficient, it is a good idea to opt for a lighter coloured metal roof. It will reflect more of the glare and heat of the sun. Another factor that you will have to take into consideration is that a completely white roof will also set off too much of a glare into your neighbour’s home which can be quite a discomfort for them. The good option is to choose a roof that is light- medium in colour. It will still give you the heat reflection you want but will not throw off so much of a glare.

Adhering to Building Codes

There have been certain changes to the Building Codes in Australia which now makes it mandatory for all new construction residences to have a minimum of 6–star energy rating. This simply means that homeowners and builders have to give a lot of thought to the roofing materials they use. After all, it covers your entire house and the materials and colours you opt for will have an impact on the energy efficiency of the space.

The Colour Bond

Colorbond steel roofing, which is a very popular metal roofing material across the country is available in a range of colours and 7 of these are classified either as light/ very light under the Building Sustainability Index and the colour classification of the Building Code of Australia. And so, when it comes to roofing, colour is all-important and choosing the right one can make a significant difference to the comfort levels inside your home. For more information about Colorbond roofing, contact RO Roofing on (02) 9660 5937.

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