The Advantages of Maintaining Your Warehouse Roof

When it come to roofs and especially those on commercial buildings like warehouses, the “out of sight, out of mind” saying could not be truer. The fact is that since you do not really see what is going on with your warehouse roof, there is not much of a sense of concern or urgency. Roof maintenance is hardly ever about aesthetics- among other things, it’s about coatings, seam repairs and checking flashings around the protuberance.

Don’t forget your Warehouse Roof:

Your warehouse roof should never be forgotten since it is an integral part of the structure. Any damage to the roof can also have a negative impact on the value of the property. Typically a roof costs only 10% of the total cost of the building, but warehouse roof issues such as leaks and repairs can be the cause of over 50% of the problems that the building faces, at a later stage…

Why you should perform regular Maintenance:

There are some distinct advantages to carrying out regular maintenance on your warehouse roof, such as:

Ups your Investment Value:

The minute you perform any kind of maintenance on your property, you are adding value to it. Keeping your warehouse roof free of mould and ensuring that it is repaired and sealed on a regular basis can lend a very professional look to a commercial property.

Indicates Commitment:

When you have a well-maintained warehouse roof, it shows your current tenants that you are committed to your property. This encourages them to extend existing leases and it also gives you a chance to increase your current rentals.

Enhances the Appearance:

Apart from adding value to your property, regular roof maintenance also lends your property a spruced-up look. This can attract potential tenants too.


Regular roof maintenance like drain cleaning, surface membrane inspection for any bald spots, checking for tears, unadhered seams, caulkings and metal flashing, can save you a lot of money in the long run. Minor repairs can cost much less than complete replacement of the roof.

Encourages Sustainability:

Repair versus replacement of your warehouse roof, automatically makes your building more ecofriendly.

Keep your Warehouse Roof well maintained:

Roofs on warehouses can be extensive and it goes without saying that replacement of the entire roof can be a very expensive proposition. While we specialise in Roof Replacement, in particular large industrial roofs, we still believe that with regular maintenance you can stay on top of any kind of roof deterioration and prolong the life of your roof.

Due to the heights and size of most warehouse roofs we recommend hiring the services of a commercial roof maintenance company that will carry our regular maintenance work on a bi-annual basis and prevent property damage and injuries to individuals that might try doing it themselves.

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