Why has Sydney been Voted the best Skyline in the World?

When it comes to cityscapes, skylines always hold pride of place in photography books- time and again the Sydney skyline has topped the lists as the world’s best skyline. This has happened again recently with Thrillist rating Sydney a head of 19 other cities as the best skyline in the world. It’s true that various countries have beautiful cities with skylines that sport stunning modern architecture, but there is something quintessentially arresting about the Sydney harbour that keeps it consistently in the limelight.

Sydney has a number of landmarks that are the epitome of the things that many overseas visitors believe symbolises Australia; there is no refuting the fact, that Sydney Harbour is one of the most stunning & picturesque waterways across the globe. The fact that these waterways are fringed by impressive city structures, is what makes the city a must visit for any global traveller.

Here is what we believe makes Sydney Harbour so special:

An Awe-Inspiring Sight:

It card-carrying icons such as the unique and awe-inspiring Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge & Fort Denison and many other structures lend it a charm that is hard to resist. Even Aussies who have been there a number of times before, will want to visit it one more time. The place has energy and colour, life and verve and of course scores of fun attractions and sightseeing spots. Photographers flock to various strategic points, hours before dawn to capture the magic of Sydney’s skyline in their lens. Regardless of which pictures you look at – the skyline looks impressive and superbly stunning.

The Prefect Sight-Seeing Spot:

What adds to its charm is the fact that it becomes the perfect place for visitors to the city as there is always a lot of street entertainment taking place. It’s also very close to the Central Business District and you will find small cafes and eateries along the waterfront, where you can linger a while and take in the view and it’s the perfect place to take a walk. Every Sydney skyline photo looks different, depending on the time of the day and the weather in which it has been taken. It can be bright and shiny or rainy and melodramatic, Sydney has its many moods and the sparkling blue waters never fail to make an impression.

The Most-Photogenic City:

What is also notable is the fact that though the harbour is impressive, there is nothing overdeveloped about it and the skyscrapers blend-in perfectly with the older and not-so-tall structures. The long and lazy arc of the superbly engineered Sydney Harbour Bridge makes the city’s skyline one of the most photogenic in the world. This buzzing city is not choc-a-bloc with skyscrapers, but that is also what makes it even more endearing and unthreatening.

A Different Perspective:

There is also a diverse selection of very easily-accessible lookout spots, many of which are at ground level. This gives you a great view of the water and the concrete jungle in the backdrop. The Larkin Street and Balls Head lookouts provide visitors with uncrowded vantage points from where the downtown skyline and harbour can be viewed.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is another favourite spot from where postcard-worthy photos can be taken. The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck is one place that provides 360° views of Sydney’s impressive skyline. It has altitude and you can get a completely different perspective of the city from here. If you do not have a fear of heights and want to get an eagle’s eye-view of Sydney’s skyline- the tethered “skywalk” that runs around the Sydney Tower’s turret is the place to visit.

Impressions and More…

Regardless of which spot the sun rises/sets or if the skies are overcast, Sydney’s skyline does not disappoint your senses. It will stand there silently and make an indelible impression in your mind. The perfect setting of the darkened sky and illuminated buildings after sunset creates myriad impressions on the mind. You will find that the Sydney Skyline impresses you in a quiet and modest way which is so impactful that you will be compelled to come back to absorb some more of its magic.

It’s not really difficult to understand why Sydney has been voted the best Skyline in the world, it has an out-worldly charm that is everlasting and mystical!!!

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