A Review of Stratco Cyclonic Roofing and Walling Options

Cyclones can easily wreak havoc on a property. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand the importance of installing cyclonic roofing and walling until it is too late and damage has already been incurred. In choosing the right type of cyclonic roofing and walling, it is important to ensure the choice of the right product.

Cyclonic roofing and walling from Stratco is considered among the most reliable on the market. One of the reasons that these products are so reliable is that Stratco has taken the time to perform extensive testing on these products to ensure they are able to meet the rigid standards required in order for the products to withstand the strong winds of cyclones.

Stratco cyclonic roofing and walling is certified to be used in cyclonic regions C and D. In addition, these products have been thoroughly tested in order to comply with Low-High-Low pressure testing requirements, as required by the Building Code of Australia.

Additionally, Stratco offers a variety of different cyclonic roofing and wall cladding options that are certified for use in cyclonic regions. Among those products is CGI Corrugated. With this option, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that the product can withstand strong winds while also providing soft flowing lines that produce beautiful aesthetics. This highly versatile building material is suitable for use in a variety of industrial and residential applications.

Stratco also produces the Superdeck line. This product is a popular choice in various applications due to its high tensile strength as well as interesting trapezoidal shape.

Prodek offers excellent versatility along with protection from cyclonic winds. In addition to providing a beautiful modern profile, Prodek also provides the flexibility and strength to be used in many different applications.

Smartspan is another cyclonic roofing and walling product available from Stratco. Known for providing maximum strength, Smartspan is ideal for use where a strong product with a simple appearance is required. Consequently, it is ideal for use in industrial as well as residential applications.

Maxirib offers a thin, aesthetically pleasing profile, making it ideal for use as a wall cladding solution in situations where cyclonic activity is a concern. Specifically designed to provide versatility, this product can also be used on garage doors, screens, ceilings, and walling.

Stratclad is also versatile and can be used in multiple different applications, including industrial and residential uses.

With a strong reputation and solid company history, Stratco cyclonic roofing and walling options can provide peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetics.

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* The image at the top is a stock image and not an actual representation of the Stratco Cyclonic Roofing.