Peaked Vs Flat Roof

If you’re planning to add new roofing to your home, it’s important that you consider all the different options. Peaked roofs come in a range of styles, including gable, cross gable & hipped (these are sloped to varying degrees). On the other hand flat roofs do not have a slope; they are available in single-ply, built-up, sprayed polyurethane foam and single-ply designs.

The Considerations

Consult with a reliable roofing contractor to determine exactly which roofing option matches your individual needs. While deciding between a peaked roof and flat roof, the aspects you will have to keep in view are:

#1 Maintenance

Both peaked and flat roofs need regular maintenance. Though the former are a little difficult to access and clean because of their sloped structure, flat roofs tend to need more maintenance through the life of the installation. The drainage in flat roofs is not as effective as that of a peaked one. Without regular inspections, the drains can get clogged and lead to damage & leaks. Roofing needs a water-proof sealant that has to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent expensive repairs. Most flat roofs leak because of infrequent inspection & maintenance

#2 Cost

The installation of a flat roof is cheaper than that of a peaked roof. If you want to reduce these costs, you can opt for a moderately-peaked roof. But with the kind of rainfall that Sydney sees, you may end up spending a larger amount of money on future repairs compared to what you saved on installation. The cost of repairing a flat roof is considerably higher than that of repairing a peaked roof one. In the long-term, the latter may be a more affordable option.

#3 Structure

You will also have to judge whether a flat roof or peaked roof structure looks better for your property. Sloped roofing provides more stability compared to a flat one and provides excellent drainage in case there is rainfall. Flat roofs designs are more modernistic in nature and if you are planning on building a home with a contemporary design, then you may just want to opt for a flat roof. Alternatively, you can opt for a peaked roof with a much lower slope.

#4 Inspection

This is a very important aspect- it is much easier to inspect peaked roofs from ground level rather than from the roof level. The sloped surface does not give you sufficient scope to balance easily and you may not be able to inspect every inch as minutely as you would like. On the other hand, flat roofs become much more easier to inspect as you can walk over every portion of it and check it carefully

#5 Additional Space

Most homeowners prefer some additional space in their house, if possible- and opting for a peaked roof gives them that added attic space. This could be turned into a bedroom or used to store things as required. This is a definite benefit and in order to get the best of both worlds, many homeowners opt for a combination style roof. They used the peak styling only above certain sections of the house while in others they get a flat roof installed

Making an Informed Decision

As you can see, there are a number of factors that you will have to take into consideration while deciding between a peaked or flat roof. The good way to make an informed decision is to get advice from a dependable roofing contractor and get the quotes for both styles of roofs. This will give you a better idea about which one you might want to opt for. Regardless of whether you choose a sloping roof or a flat one, it’s important that you get a qualified and certified roofing contractor to handle the job for you.

The Warranty Factor

This way you will get a warranty for the material that has been used as well as for the workmanship. Every contractor provides different warranties for their work and this is something you should be checking carefully too. Opt for maintenance contracts- this is the best way to spot issues in the roofing before they aggravate. For more information about the different types of roofing styles and material, call RO Roofing on (02) 9660 5937.

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