Kingspan Insulation, AIR-CELL Retroshield Review

Choosing the right roofing material for your home or business is an important decision. Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield is a great option when you need a reliable, durable vapour barrier and insulation for your roof. Specifically designed to combat heat loss and heat gain in all three forms, this product provides superior thermal performance, making it ideal for use throughout Australia.

Along with paying attention to the performance of the insulation product that you select, it is also important to consider whether the product is non-allergenic. AIR-CELL Retroshield is both non-irritant and non-allergenic. In fact, consumers will find that this product does not contain any of the safety and health warnings so frequently associated with many of the more conventional bulk insulation products currently available on the market.

Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield is suitable for use as roof insulation in commercial and residential roofs as well as warehouse roofs. In addition, this product is also suitable for wall insulation in concrete walls, masonry block walls, and warehouse walls.

Featuring two aluminium foil surfaces, AIR-CELL Retroshield also provides the benefit of being fire-retardant. This can also prove to be highly beneficial in many areas throughout Australia which tend to be prone to bush fires. When used in residential and commercial buildings, this product can be used as an effective vapour barrier and insulation blanket to help in keeping temperatures constant and lowering utility bills. This completely fibre-free material is a clean, safe option for replacing conventional fibre-based building insulation blankets and batts. As such, it is suitable for homeowners interested in a green building solution that does not contain any chemicals or toxins. Over time, this product will prove to be extremely durable due to the fact that it is manufactured without the use of reactive or toxic adhesives. Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield is also insect and rodent resistant, which means that you do not need to worry about it becoming damaged and needing to be replaced prematurely.

It should be noted that Retroshield does not contain any anti-glare surface treatment. As a result, it may not be suitable in external applications in which anti-glare protection is required. Kingspan also produces the AIR-CELL Glareshield, which features a light coating for the purpose of reducing glare during the installation process.

If you are searching for an all-in-one vapour barrier and insulation product, Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield is an ideal choice for your needs.

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