How to Prepare your Roof for Each Season

Throughout the year, your roof is exposed to a variety of different elements and climatic changes. Taking a little time to prepare your roof for each season can help to ensure it is able to withstand the various elements it is exposed to during the year and extend its life while preventing the need for repairs.

Autumn Preparation

Autumn is an excellent time to clean your gutters. While this is a task that many people dread and often neglect, it is important to clean your gutters at least twice annually to ensure that they do not become overfilled. The gutters on your roof are designed to transfer excess water from the roof and draw it away from your home and the foundation to allow for proper drainage. When gutters are blocked with leaves and other debris, it makes it impossible to properly draw water away from the roof. Instead, water becomes trapped in the gutters and over time can work its way into the ceilings and walls of your home. Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year helps you to save thousands of dollars in roof, pipe, and gutter repairs.

Winter Preparation

During the winter, it is important to ensure that you check your roof for the presence of frozen ice dam. Now this will depend largetly Such dams often occur when rain, snow, or water freezes on the surface of your roof. If these dams are left for too long, they can eventually result in moisture damage developing along the roofline. In most instances, it is not necessary to remove snow from the roof as it will eventually melt and drain into the gutters. Following a heavy snowfall; however, it is a good idea to remove some of the snow as the weight could potentially lead to your roof collapsing. In the event that you have a sloped roof, it is crucial that you exercise extreme caution, as the roof will be more slippery than usual. Flat roofs are typically ale to carry the weight of heavy snow, but in the event that the snow load exceeds the weight that the roof was designed to carry, this can present a problem. If this is a concern, you should consult with a professional roofing contractor to make certain that the snow load can be removed without resulting in damage to the roof.

Spring Preparation

Before the temperatures begin to heat up, it is important to make sure that your roof is in good shape. Once again, now is a good time to make sure that your gutters are cleaned after the harsh winter weather. If the debris that has collected there over the winter months is not removed, it can quickly become kindling for fires once it dries. Now is also a good time to trim hedges, shrubs, and grass growing near the home before the bushfire season begins. If you have not already performed an annual inspection of your roof to look for possible damage, such as missing shingles, spring is a good time to perform this task.

Summer Preparation

For Australians, summer has become associated with the potential for bushfires, so it is important to ensure that your roof is prepared. If your home has exposed timber, such as in the frames of the windows, you might consider placing wire mesh screens over those exposed areas. This will assist in preventing embers from coming into contact with the wood. Additionally, check the gutters and rooftop once again to ensure that leaves and debris have not collected. Ensure water hoses are located nearby and easily accessible in case they are needed.

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