How to Minimise Disruption When Installing Your New Commercial Roof

A roof is a very important element of any structure, be it a residential or commercial one. In most cases, it is also a very large installation as it covers the entire building. And so, when you are considering replacement of the roofing, there are a number of factors that have to be kept in view. When it comes to commercial establishments, disruption of day-to-day operations becomes one of the major concerns.

About Profitability

If there is too much of disruption, it can impact the profitability of the business. And so, when you as a business/factory owner are considering roof replacement, this becomes one of the first things you should be checking with the roofing contractor. It’s important to have a certified and well-established company like RO Roofing handle the work for you, as we will ensure that there is minimal disruption in your workplace.

The Challenges

Some commercial roofs are flat and these pose greater challenges for the roofing company. There are expansive flat surfaces, heavy air conditioning machinery, heating installations, piping and air vents. When these roofs are being replaced, all these other elements also have to be removed and reinstalled to perfection.

Impacting Factors

We know that installation disruptions can cost you money and that you cannot shut down your business for the duration of the work. But there are some time-tested methods of reducing installation time and disruption. Take a look at what these are:

  • The Adhesives- Certain types of roofing systems can be very disruptive when they are being installed. The use of smelly adhesives can affect the working of your staff. If these materials are messy, it can lengthen the installation time. Check which materials the contractor is using and ensure that they are not going to impact your commercial operations in any way
  • The Weather Impact- Some systems take much longer to install compared to others as they get affected by the temperature and weather. For example, welding/adhesive issues might impact the time taken for installation. But when you opt for metal roofing, all these issues can be avoided as there are no major adhesive issues to deal with
  • Prefabricated Roofs- It is important to opt for pre-fabricated roofing systems, as these save you a lot of time on installation. It’s much easier to install a precision-fabricated membrane instead of one that is welded on site. The latter can be a very noisy and messy job and the time taken will be longer too.So, choose systems that can also be installed over the existing substrates wherever possible. This will reduce the need for a complete tear-off which can be an extremely time-consuming, messy and disruptive proposition
  • Prefabricated Accessories- A well-established and expert company like RO Roofing always uses pre-fabricated roofing accessories such as scuppers, curbs, stacks & parapets. Once the requirement has been understood, these are delivered to the site as part the roof system. It helps in reducing on the installation time and you are also ensured that you are getting high-quality products that fit perfectly with the roof itself
  • Smooth Operations- When you opt for metal roofs over traditional timber or shingled ones, you know you are making the right choice and your business will run smoothly even when the roof installation work is in progress. These are prefabricated & mechanically attached and the installation is safe and largely quiet. There are no noxious fumes and ultra-loud machinery that can harm occupants or disrupt operations.

The Right Installation

Disruptions in the course of any roofing installation can end up costing the owner a significant amount of time and money. This makes it very important for you to thoroughly research exactly how the installation is going to be carried out and the types of materials that are going to be used.

We adopt a very proactive approach to roofing installation and replacement; maintain very high levels of communication, work as a team and ensure that things keep moving as planned. We also anticipate different issues like the daily business operations, tenant concerns, loading and unloading planning and as well as noise impact. When it comes to any kind of metal roofing installations, RO Roofing are the experts. For more information contact us on (02) 9660 5937.

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