CGI Corrugated Pre-Curving – Review

Curved roofs have become increasingly popular and provide much more than just protection to the structured located below the roof. A curved roof can also provide incredible aesthetics and turn a structure into a work of art. One of the most well regarded corrugated pre-curving roof products that is currently on the market is produced by Stratco. CGI Corrugated Pre-Curving roofing offers a durable, stylish roofing solution. Available in a wide variety of colours, this curved roofing solution makes it easy to complement a variety of different home styles. Colours are also available that reflect many of the hues found in nature, ensuring that the final roof design blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. When installed properly, a CGI Corrugated Pre-Curved roof can make the difference between a merely aesthetically pleasing property and a stunning structure that turns heads.

Please Note: The above image is a visual reprentation of what the CGI Corrugated Pre-Curving sheets look like and is not the actual product.

CGI Corrugated Pre-Curving has many benefits

Constructed of high tensile steel sheeting, this roofing offers timeless benefits. Along with lasting durability, this roofing option also provides incredible adaptability. For example, the Corrugated Curving sheet available from Stratco can be pre-curved into a number of different forms in order to produce convex or concave curves, barrel vaulting, or bull-nose roofing.

Consequently, Stratco CGI Corrugated Pre-Curved roofs can assist you in custom designing a roof specifically for your project. The use of pre-curved sheeting makes it possible to create even the most complex curved designs that will beautifully complement both traditional designs as well as modern architecture.

Additionally, Stratco also provides curved roofing accessories to finish curving projects. Such accessories include curved flashings to complement your specific sheeting radius as well as curved hip bars.

What you should consider

In choosing the right roofing materials, a variety of factors much be taken into consideration. CGI Corrugated Pre-Curved roofing materials from Stratco are constructed of the highest quality materials to ensure they will hold up to the test of time as well as the vagaries of climates throughout Australia. The wide variety of colours available with this type of roofing also helps to ensure that the final product will beautifully complement the chosen design.

Choosing CGI Corrugated Pre-curving

As Stratco has been providing quality roofing throughout Australia for more than 100 years, you can rest assured that a pre-curved roof will provide corrosion protection and hassle-free use for many years to come.

Offering durable quality, beautiful designs, and a strong reputation, CGI Corrugated Pre-Curved roofing from Stratco is an excellent choice.

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