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Commercial Roofing Materials

What Materials are used in today’s Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing materials are actually not that dissimilar to residential roofing. There are some nuances that are specific to commercial roofs, however. For instance, a commercial roof tends to be much larger in scale than the roof of a single-family home. Due to the large scale of a commercial roof, special challenges can be posed

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Woolworths Shopping Centre Roof

Maintaining a Shopping Centre Roof

Shopping Centres, especially large ones, can have some of the hardest working roofs of any other building type in the country. The reason for this is the amount of small shops or rooms that are contained under this one large roof. Each of these shops have there own needs; such as refrigeration, water and air-conditioning.

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Commercial Roof Ventilation

What is Commercial Roof Ventilation?

When you look at a commercial roof you might not be aware of the amount of planning and electronic systems that went into setting up the ventilation within the roof to help it function at its full capacity. But what exactly is Roof Ventilation and how does it impact your Commercial Roof..? Roof ventilation is

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replacing your commercial roof

Signs that it is Time to Replace your Commercial Roof

One problem that most business owners hate to deal with is replacing a roof! Obviously… This is a massive undertaking and one that can potentially impact the operation of your business. However, monitoring the condition of your roof should be a vital part of your preventive maintenance regime that you carry out for your property,

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Your business affects the roof you need

Why your Business affects the Roof you need

Choosing the right type of commercial roof for your business is crucial for ensuring the stability of the building’s structure as well as the safety of the occupants. Whether you are planning to replace an old roof or you are constructing a new building, a variety of factors will need to be considered in determining

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Insulation for Commercial Roofing

What Is Involved in the Insulation of a Commercial Roof?

Insulating your commercial roof is crucial to protecting the substructure while also reducing energy consumption and improving thermal efficiency. Additionally, the insulation in your building’s roof actually acts as the first line of defence against the elements. In many ways, insulation is similar to a thick blanket that is sandwiched between the surface of the

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Solar panels on a large building

5 Trends in Commercial Roofing that You Should Consider

While there were few options available for commercial roofing at one time, the roofing industry has undergone a number of significant changes. This has resulted in a numerous amount of trends appearing for commercial roofing. Given that commercial roofs need to last for quite a long time while holding up to the presence of heavy-duty

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Quality roofing can lower your overheads

How a quality Roofing Solution can lower your Company’s Overhead

Whether you are a building owner or a roofing contractor, choosing the right commercial roofing solution for a building is one of the most important decisions to be made during construction. The right roofing solution will protect your investment for decades, and lower your overhead. The wrong roofing solution, can result in costly repairs, structural

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Replacing your commercial roof

8 Ways to Best Prepare for the Replacement of your Commercial Roof

The roof of your commercial building is an important investment in your business and the protection of your employees and customers. As is the case with any roof, after a period of time or as the result of damage, it may be necessary to replace your roof. Understanding how to prepare for the replacement of

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Choosing the right roofing materials

The Best Materials to use for your Commercial Roof in Australia

When you think about how a building keeps cool, the most common thought is air conditioning. But in reality, the real line of defence against the heat is a building’s roof. And a hot Australian day in the life of a good roof should include releasing, not storing and absorbing, the sun’s rays. Consider this,

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