Apartment Building Roof Types

You might think of a block of apartment as being very one dimensional in shape and design… But like everything in the building industry, overtime, advances in technology and materials allow us to create better functioning and more cost effective structures. The roof has also been positively affected by this and there are now many types of Apartment Building Roofs that you might find on any given block of units.

What we wanted to do here was chat to you about some of them to give you an idea of what is possible and out there on the market.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly used for larger buildings, such as apartments, factories and buildings. Flat roofs are one of the oldest and simplest types of roofs being built. One of their main advantages is the fact that the construction of the building becomes significantly easier and it also eliminates the need for parallel walls. Flat roofs do however have a shallow pitch that’s around 1 or 2 degrees but since they feature no slope or tilt they cause debris and water to accumulate at the top. Flat roofs do however require high maintenance and are best suited for dry areas or tall buildings.

Flat roofs do have the added advantage of being able to construct an entertaining area on them. This is particularly relevant for apartment blocks and could go a long way in helping sell the individual apartments due to the added benefit this gives the occupants.

A Hip Roof

A hip roof with all sides sloping downward, offers the best defence against wind storms, even hurricanes, because horizontal winds from any direction push the roof down onto the apartment block instead of lifting it off. You will notice these roofs a lot on residential building as you drive down your street and maybe even as you pull into your drive way.

The Sloping Roof

Also very common, sloping roofs refer to any type of roof that is either slightly or completely tilted. It’s a common term that defined most common residential roofs. The benefit of using this type of roof; is they don’t allow water or debris to accumulate at the top which means less time spent maintaining the roof.

The Salt Box Roof

This is a type of roof that has a very recognisable look and that features certain similarities with the gable roof. They form a triangle with one side larger than the other. The advantage of this roof type is having an asymmetrical design which is a very popular in the other countries but not so much Australia.

The Green Roof

A very beautiful alternative to a simple roof, the green roof is a very nice choice for structures with many levels. It’s a flat roof that has the capacity to contain plants or grass. The benefit of this roof type; it provides a beautiful view for the rooms on the upper levels and makes up for the limited outdoor space that is often a downside to apartment style living.

The Skillion Roof

You can consider this roof as one half of a triangle roof or as a flat roof that’s been slightly inclined. It’s a single sloping roof surface, which is regularly used for only one portion of the house. This type of roof is becoming very popular for it’s modern look and style. It’s regularly combined with other different types of roofs and it’s a nice option for multi-level structures.

We hope that helps!

I hope that has now given you an insight into the Apartment Building Roof Types that you can expect to find out there. If you are in charge for the construction or building of a large apartment building and you have any questions or concerns about the roof, then fill free to give one of our friendly team members a call. We have many years of experience in the roofing industry and would love to help where we can.

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