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Vincent Developments Pty Ltd

Victoria Road, Wetherill Park

60,000 m²

Project Description:
Metal Roofing & Re-Roofing

R.O. Steel Roofing has worked for Vincent Developments who are a large property investment and contract building company since 1981. Our team’s approach to the projects was to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and their tenants; this was achieved by close attention to early planning, careful staging and monitoring of the works and close attention to detail.

“Russell and his team produced a spectacular result and a quality job. The standard produced was an eye opener for us, making our entire previous work look inadequate.”

“On a personal note I have found Russell to be extremely creative in an artistic sense. With a sharp eye for aesthetics and his wealth of practical experience, on many of our projects we have consulted Russell in the design phase of the project to nut out the difficult construction details” – Peter Vincent

Client Testimonial: Vincent Developments