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St Ives Shopping Village


166 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives NSW 2075


10,000 m²

Project Description:

Metal Roof Strip and Re-Roof, Vault Barges and Walkways

R.O Steel Roofing has undertaken numerous works at St Ives Shopping Village over a number of years. Initially performing a large scale re-roofing project, our professionalism, quality and dedication to works have made R.O Steel Roofing the preferred contractor for all future works.

As a shopping village that operates 7 days a week, works had to be performed at a fast pace in order to minimise any disruptions to ensure that all tenants could still keep operating at 100% capacity in order to maximize their revenue throughout the duration of works.

St Ives Shopping Village management where thoroughly impressed with our speed and professionalism throughout the duration of works and this has resulted in our company establishing a relationship that has had come back onsite numerous times in order to upgrade other areas of the shopping village that required our expertise.

Our teams approach to this project was to achieve the best possible outcome for the client which was accomplished in a highly cooperative and consultative manner. The building is now occupied by multiple shops and is a vibrant shopping district that is used daily by thousands of eager patrons.