South Sydney Corporate Park | Roofing Project

South Sydney Corporate Park

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South Sydney Corporate Park

Bourke & O’Riordan Street, Alexandria

15,000 m²

Project Description:
Asbestos & Metal

The South Sydney Corporate Park sustained severe damage during the 1998 infamous hail storm. The buildings on this large site consisted of a combination of asbestos and old metal roofs.

R.O. Steel Roofing’s team approach to this project was to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and their tenants. Detailed planning allowed our team to overcome the many project constraints and challenges including working in and around a fully functioning corporate park.

A large number of temporary repairs were required as this project took several years to complete. The tenants whose businesses were still operating were able to continue with minimal inconvenience and those businesses which were shut down by the storm were back up and running in record time.

All business activities continued during the re-roofing operations with minimal disruption to the tenants. At that time, one of the buildings was occupied by Fairfax Publishing; very detailed staging plans were implemented to ensure that their operations were not interrupted. Their job was successfully completed with all of their incredibly expensive and sensitive machinery and stock in the building, including their enormous paper storage rolls.